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2024 is the year of the Cozy Game

We all know and love Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley, but 2024 is bringing a new wave of cozy games that promise to warm our hearts and calm our minds. Whether you’re into farm sims, heartfelt narratives, or chill management games, there’s something cozy for everyone this year. These games are designed to make you feel good, focusing on joy, wonder, and peace rather than competition or dramatic storylines.

Just a quick note: Cozy games aren’t always suitable for children, so be sure to check the ratings.

Here are some of the best cozy games to look forward to in 2024:

1. Garden Life: A Cozy Simulator

Garden Life could be the most immersive cozy game of the year. This first-person simulation focuses on creating your tranquil garden, with stunning visuals and a relaxing soundtrack. Forget RPG mechanics and community building—this game is all about curating a peaceful, beautiful space.

  • Platforms: PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S

2. Disney Dreamlight Valley

Imagine Stardew Valley but filled with Disney characters. Disney Dreamlight Valley lets you build your dream home, play mini-games, and farm, all while surrounded by Disney’s heroes and villains. Multiplayer is a planned feature, so you’ll eventually be able to share the fun with friends.

  • Platforms: PC, Switch, Xbox, PlayStation

3. My Dream Setup

My Dream Setup is all about creating your perfect room. Choose from a vast selection of furniture, plants, and other interior details. It’s a simple yet satisfying game for anyone who loves interior design.

  • Platforms: PC

4. Minami Lane

Managing a whole city can be overwhelming, so why not just manage a single street? Minami Lane lets you plan and decorate a Japanese-inspired street. Run small shops and restaurants, attract villagers, and watch your street grow into a vibrant community.

  • Platforms: PC

5. Palia

Palia is a multiplayer home-building and farming sim that can host up to 25 players per server. Hunt, mine, farm, cook, and hang out with friends. Build multiple houses and enjoy the free-to-play fun. The game is still in beta, so some extra protection like a VPN might be a good idea.Platforms: PC, with a planned Switch release

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