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5 Hidden iPhone Features You Probably Didn’t Know About

Smartphones, especially Apple’s iPhone, have become integral in our daily lives, evolving from mere communication tools to indispensable companions. Apple’s iPhone has successfully transcended borders and cultures, creating a universal phenomenon celebrated for innovation, style, and connectivity.
Whether you’re a seasoned iPhone user or a newcomer, there’s a good chance you’re not fully aware of all its features and how they can simplify your life. Uncover some hidden iPhone features you probably didn’t know about.

Create Custom Vibrations

For those who love adding a personal touch to their iPhone experience, you can utilize this feature to craft a unique vibration pattern for your phone. Navigate to the Settings app, select Sounds and Haptics settings, and choose where you’d like to apply this custom vibration, whether for ringtone, alerts, or text tones. Next, access the Vibration option and proceed to Create New Vibration. A custom vibration interface will appear, allowing you to tap and hold in a sequence to shape the desired vibration pattern. Once satisfied, play it back for a test feel and then save your creation.

Identify Music

Let’s face it – we’ve all encountered that moment when a captivating musical tune captures our hearts, yet the mystery of its composer and artist remains unsolved. Fortunately, the iPhone comes to the rescue in such scenarios. Simply enlist the help of Siri, your virtual iOS assistant, by asking, ‘Hey Siri, Name that tune.’ Siri will attentively listen for a moment and then provide you with a link to the identified music. Alternatively, you can achieve this through Shazam, Apple Inc.’s music identification and analytics platform. Add Shazam to your Control Centre and tap on it whenever you wish to recognize a particular piece of music

Use Back Tap for extra iPhone controls

Whether you’re a seasoned iPhone user or just getting started, Back Tap offers a convenient shortcut to access extra controls.
Here’s how to make the most of Back Tap:
⦁ 1. Access Settings: Navigate to your iPhone’s Settings.
⦁ 2. Accessibility Menu: Tap on “Accessibility.”
⦁ 3. Touch Controls: Within Accessibility, tap on “Touch.”
⦁ 4. Back Tap: Scroll down and find “Back Tap.”
⦁ 5. Choose Actions: Here, you can select specific actions for both double and triple taps on the back of your iPhone.
⦁ 6. Customize: Tailor Back Tap to your preferences by assigning actions such as taking a screenshot, launching apps, or adjusting accessibility features.

Turn On Background Sounds to Ease Stress

When you’re in need of some relaxation, the Background Noise feature comes to the rescue, delivering soothing ambient sounds directly to your AirPods. Immerse yourself in calming options like rainfall, streams, oceans, and white noise. What sets it apart is that, unlike streaming ambient tracks on platforms like Spotify or Apple Music, Background Noise operates without the need for an internet connection.

To activate this feature, simply navigate to Settings, then tap on Accessibility. In the Accessibility menu, choose Audio/Visual and proceed to Background Sounds. Turn on Background Sounds using the slider at the top of the screen to create a serene auditory environment wherever you go.

Drag and drop files and photos between apps

Unlocking a time-saving gem, the often-overlooked drag and drop feature lets you seamlessly transfer content between iPhone apps. Effortlessly bring in an image, video, or PDF from your photos, a webpage, or your files and drop it into apps like Notes or Messages.

Though this feature might seem a bit elusive at first, here’s the breakdown: tap and hold the file you wish to move, shift it toward the top or bottom of the display, and while maintaining that hold, swipe up from the bottom of the screen with another finger to open the target app. Master this trick for swift and efficient content sharing across your apps.

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