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High cash buyback Litemobile

High cash buyback for all phones!

High cash Buyback

Upgrade your phone today and get a high cash buyback on your old phone!
Everyone deserves to use the latest model and this is why we offer good deals for mobile phone buy backs.
Visit us today and be amazed at how your old model might just fetch you a pretty price!
Don’t throw your old phone away but get the cash you deserve when selling your new or old phones.
Unlike most buyback centers, we still stay in tuned with older models meaning we’re willing to offer good prices for that old mobile phone.
Bring your old mobile phone today and let’s see what we can work out!

We’re used to dealing with…

… and more!
We don’t shy away from those “lesser known brands.”
There’s really no catch, we just want to make sure you get the most out of your money!
Contact us today and bring whatever mobile phone model you might want to sell. We guarantee a fair and generous price for your old mobile phone!
Have an extra phone lying around? Hit us up and we’ll swap it for cash!
Get rid of that old phone today!

For more details, pls message/call Derrick 9105 7653/ Desmond 9001 4651

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