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iPhone Repair Services Singapore

iPhone repair service in Singapore. Some of the most cost-effective iPhone repair centres. Click here to check repair cost. All issues sorted in under an hour. 100% of iPhone Repairs are done in-house by our Professional Technicians.

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iPhone Screen Replacement

  • iPhone Screen Replacement is pervasive and exasperating. A lot of us end up with a smashed screen after dropping it, leading to malfunctioning display. It’s crucial and impacts your operation. iPhone repair cost at our shop is inexpensive and gets finished in 60 minutes. Mend your iPhone Shattered Screen before it gets worse.
  • Two grades exist. Grade A (Original) iPhone Screen equivalent to original, whereas Grade B (OEM) faded hues and cracks more readily.

iPhone LCD Replacement

  • Cracked screens after dropping an iPhone are very common and annoying. This impacts how it can be used and so it is important to fix it quickly. Our shop offers good value repairs, which take only an hour. Get your iPhone repaired now – it could get worse!
  • There are 2 grades of iPhone LCD. Grade A is the same as the original, whereas Grade B is OEM, dull in hue and more fragile.

iPhone Back Glass Replacement

  • Order this if:– You prefer having a reliable iPhone repair which is cheaper compared to Apple service centers .– The iPhone glass has a noticeable crack.– Your iPhone housing is bent– iPhone screen display or LCD does not have any lines or black marks.– Your iPhone powers on and charges normally.– Your iPhone has never been sent to any iPhone screen repair before.

iPhone Battery Replacement

  • The batteries in iPhones often decline in power and performance over time, but you don’t have to worry about that when you get your battery replaced in our shop! Our batteries are just as powerful and reliable as the original ones that come with your phone. Plus, our repair and replacement costs are incredibly affordable, and we guarantee the work will be completed in 30 minutes or less. iPhone battery substitution is a popular service in Singapore as the longevity of batteries is often short-lived.

iPhone Charging Port Replacement

  • Replacing the iPhone charging port is not a complicated or difficult task and it usually takes no longer than 30 minutes. Our workshop prices are fairly inexpensive as well. In addition, it’s very likely that the data that is stored on your phone will remain intact in the majority of cases.

iPhone Front Camera, Rear Camera, and Camera Lens Replacement

  • Our exquisite range of Grade A iPhone camera lenses, front cameras and rear cameras are as authentic and good-as-new as the original ones. Seamlessly take your selfies and pictures with confidence! Our experienced and highly-trained technical team are greatly experienced and adept in all repair works. We guarantee you only the top-of-the-line repair and service as our professionally-trained customer service staff always prioritize customer satisfaction and experience. Get the most comprehensive and tailored iPhone repair service in the entire Singapore right here with us.

iPhone Motherboard Repair

  • Repairing iPhone motherboards in Singapore is frequent and annoying. The heart of your phone is vital and impacts your use. Most iPhone repair businesses in Singapore don’t have the ability to mend iPhone motherboards. Their fee for fixing motherboards is way too high as well. Not LiteMobile. Our techs have wide experience, capable of resolving usual motherboard issues like: Audio, Power IC, U2 IC, Touch IC, Touch illness repair, shorted motherboards, storages, NAND IC, iPhone can’t switch on, & phone unable to charge. Get your phone fixed with us to feel secure.

iPhone Water Damage Repair Singapore

  • iPhone Water Damage Repair in Singapore is regular and maddening. Corrosion from water is the worst iPhone repair to have in Singapore. Judging the iPhone repair cost is tricky. We can only make an assessment on the iPhone Water Damage repair at our shop. A few droplets could not harm your phone, but most smartphones can’t even stay in the rain for 10 minutes.
  • Note that iPhone repair cost includes chemical wash only. It does NOT include cost for parts replacement. Chemical wash will extend lifespan of your phone. Do not leave your phone unserviced after it has been exposed to water – symptoms might emerge after a while.

iPhone Home Button Replacement

  • Note that a few components could disrupt iPhone Touch ID or home button. A free assessment offered. Prices may fluctuate. Our experience shows success rate of iPhone Touch ID repair in Singapore is not 100%. Cost will be refunded if we’re unable to repair.

iPhone Speaker Replacement

  • Replacement of the iPhone speaker/audio port is a recurring and annoying issue. The speaker is vital and impacts usage. Replacing it is a straightforward task taking around 30 mins. Our shop offers a good price for repairs. Get your phone fixed with us and feel assured.

iPhone Button Replacement

  • Replacing an iPhone button is a frequent and irritating occurrence. How the phone responds is impacted. It’s an unproblematic procedure, taking thirty minutes, and the cost for mending it with us is reasonably priced. Trust us to fix your phone with ease.

How to make a booking

  1. Find the phone repair you need here on this link – https://litemobile.com.sg/repair-services/apple/
  2. Whatsapp Us for a slot. you can choose for us to go to your Doorstep or you dropping by any of our Outlet.

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Common issues for iPhone repair in Singapore

Common problems needing iPhone repair in Singapore comprise screen replacement, battery replacement, charging port replacement, motherboard repair, camera replacement, and water damage restoration. All repair prices include labour fees.

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