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Iwatch Repair Specialist

Apple’s iwatch is an amazing piece since its launch of the series 1. It has been an excellent purchase with its functionalities like reading messages, emails on the go. This watch is a piece of jewelry and technology. The Apple watch is a smartwatch that incorporates fitness tracking and health-orientated capabilities with IOS and other Apple products. Design has been an essential aspect of any Apple product. With its rounded corners and interchangeable straps, the iwatch has a sporty, sophisticated and classy look. It is also splash and water resistant.

But every device has its downside. Battery life is an essential aspect of all electronic gadgets. It allows users to use a device continuously without the need to recharge it. For the apple watch, it can allow the user to use it for 18 hours after a full charges. But still it lags and depreciates in its battery life.

With it sleek designs, it is also very susceptible to cracks and damage. The Apple watch has a very bristle glass, so a minor knock or drop cracks the glass. At litemobile, we provide cheap and affordable repairs related to any glass cracks, inner LCD replacement, software or battery replacement. You could expect to get your watch fixed within 1-2 hours. We have a team of full empowered and professional technicians to get your job done! Call us today for an appointment. +65 9001 4651/+65 9105 7653

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