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Phone Motherboard repairs

Let us Repair your Smartphone Motherboard .

Motherboards in any form of computers are necessary for them to function. When a motherboard on a computer is damaged, it could imply a multitude of problems on a device that could render it unusable in the future.
That is especially the case if your phone’s motherboard breaks. They are the most important part of a smartphone in that without it, your phone can no longer work and are as good as “dead”.
And once your phone no longer can run, you may lose a lot of information in the process. You could lose a lot of important contacts, accounts, and files within your broken phone because of this tragic breaking.
But what constitutes damage to your smartphone’s motherboard? What can you do to solve these issues? First, let’s take a look at in what ways can smartphones break.

Why does my phone’s motherboard no longer work?

There are a lot of reasons why your phone’s motherboard could break and no longer function. Here are a few reasons why:
Overheating. It is important to know how much time your phone is plugged in for charging because overcharging your phone could cause your motherboard to get toasted from too much heat. There are ways to circumvent the overheating problem, like uninstalling heavy apps that cause your processor to heat up or not using the phone when charging your phone.
Wet Phone. Another case of malfunctioning motherboard could happen if moisture enters your phone. Dropping your phone on water or spilling liquid all over it could cause its motherboard to break. If you don’t want your phone to break from getting wet, some ways for you to avoid these problems is to not use your phone within wet places like pools or the beach. Try not to use your phones when your hands are wet as well so your hand’s moisture will not seep inside your phone when you use it.
Getting dropped or physically broken. When your phone suffers a strong and immediate impact from being either dropped at a high place, getting sat on, or getting slammed to a hard object, your motherboard is more than susceptible to damages because of it. As such, you can avoid these issues from happening if you buy shockproof cases that could minimize the cause of impact to your phone.
Unqualified repair jobs. Flimsy work to fix your phone could cause even more severe issues on your phone rather than having it fixed entirely. If you want to get your motherboard fixed to keep it good as new, do not settle for lousy repairs.
Rather, come to us for help on all things smartphone-related. We are guaranteed to fully fix your phones for you without the hassle of paying extra and bad repair works. Listed below are the repair services we offer at your convenience:

For Apple users out there, here’s a list of iPhone devices that we can fix for you:

• 6 / 6+ – $38 – $68
• 6S / 6S+ – $38 – $68
• 7 / 7+ – $38 – $78
• 8 / 8+ – $48 – $88
• X / XR – $58 – $108
• XS / XS MAX – $68 – $118
• 11 / 11 Pro / 11 Pro Max – $78 – $138
• 12 / 12 Mini / 12 Pro / 12 Pro Max – $98 – $198

We also repair Samsung products. Listed below are the following prices of Samsung smartphone models that we can repair for you.

• S9+ – $148
• Note 8 – $128
• Note 9 – $188

At the same time, please click here to check our Phone Repair Rates.

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