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Privacy Policy

Mobile Phone Repair –
It is Highly recommended to provide our specialists your phone passcode to facilitate them on the Checks to perform pior and after the Repair services.

Mobile Phone Repair –
In event if you are uncomfortable with providing the passcode or to unlock your device , You can inform our staff beforehand pior to the repair.

Mobile Phone Repair –
For Repairs that we are unable to complete our checks , the warranty will be limited to the Replaced Parts only.

Mobile Phone Repair –
All Passcode information will be kept confidential and only within our LiteMobile authorized personnel only , it will not be shared to any third-Party or unauthorized entities.

Mobile Phone Repair –
The access of device will also be limited to only the testing of the functions of the devices , we will not access your sensitive and private information.

Mobile Phone Repair / Sales –
Any employee found breaching such protocol will be dealt with severely

Mobile Phone Repair / Sales –
The purpose of the collections of number , name , email address is to facilitate for after sales service.

The Purpose of collections of NRIC , address , passport details is only required for Phone Sales transaction as accordingly to Singapore Police force section 1 (10) Second hand dealer goods act .

We also assured that it will not be disclosed to any  unauthorized third party.

Mobile Phone Sales –
In accordingly to Section 1 (10) second hand dealer goods act , it is mandatory for us to collect below details and and safekeep it for any future request from Singapore police force or relevant authorities

(i) the person’s name;
(ii) the person’s identification number (such as NRIC number, foreign identification number, passport number or business registration number);
(iii) the person’s residential or business address;
(iv) the person’s nationality;
(v) the person’s gender; and
(vi) in the case of the holder of a foreign passport, the person’s date of birth

Original identification card should also be present at point of sales transaction .

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