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Blackshark Funcooler


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    • Black Shark Fun Cooler can be cooled quickly in 1 minute, equipped with 147 cooling columns and high-speed up to 6200 rpm, which can satisfy all players’ cooling fantasies.It can help reduce the loss of the mobile phone battery, solve the situation that the mobile phone freezes or automatically shuts down due to too much, and can also extend the battery life.
    • The temperature drop of the Fun Cooler alone is as high as 24.5°C, and the drop in the central area on the back of the phone is as high as 28°C, which is surprisingly fast.The rotation speed is fast and there is no annoying noise.
    • Black Shark phone cooler has retractable soft silicone back clip, can be installed in a mobile phone with a width of 2.63-3.46 inches (67-88 mm) and directly connected to Type-C.
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