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Blackshark Magnetic Cooler


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    • MAGNETIC COOLER This magnetic phone cooler is upgraded with a magnetic iron ring composed of 15 NdFeB, which only needs to be gently attached to the phone when using it. The installation is simple, and it will not damage the phone and leave scratches.
    • 1 Second Fast Cooling This phone cooler use TEC professional refrigeration chip and thermal silica gel pad, Magnetic cell phone heatsink equipped with 112 cooling columns and high-speed gears up to 7200 rpm, the phone temperature drops as much as 23 C
    • Ultra-quiet The radiator Noise-Reduction design allows you to comfortably watch games and videos. Since the Ultra-quiet, it is also recommended at the time of the voice chat and live broadcast.
    • 73g lightweight and compact The compact smartphone cooler makes it convenient to carry. The width was fixed at 2.44inches and the weight reduct to 73g.
    • Multi-device support Magnetic Cooler + Heat transfer magnetic sticker All devices. Applicable to iPhone / Android smartphones/switches/ iPads / tablets Etc. Smartphones other than the iPhone 12 series need to be be attached with magnets (packages are attached with magnets).. Note: It is not recommended to use this cooler for phones that require wireless charging. Magnet attached to the phone will cause your wireless charging function and NFC to not work. Remove the phone case for best results.
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